Whitney & Aquilla Lake Hunting

Hunting area maps and zones

General: Not all areas of public land are clearly fenced or readily identified. It is the hunter’s responsibility to become familiar with area boundaries to avoid trespassing onto private property adjacent to public land. Please contact the Corps of Engineers office at Whitney Lake for assistance if needed. All hunting zones have a 600 ft restriction from park areas or adjacent homes. The zone letter represents the county where it is located. H-Hill County, B-Bosque County.

Whitney Hunting Map

Aquilla Hunting Map

Whitney Lake Zones

Zone Map Description
B1 Map Kimbell Bend Area. From the access area across Hwy 174 from Kimbell Bend Park along the west shore of the lake towards Indian Lodge.
B2 Map Mesa Grande Area. From the S/SE side of the Railroad bridge on BCR 1990 to the marked access points across the railroad tracks at the end of BRC 1991. Is completely fenced and signed.
B3 Map Plowman Creek Area. From the marked access points along the road at the end of BCR 1991, south to the northern end of Plowman Creek park and the intersection of the railroad track and FM56 outside Kopperl. Completely fenced.
B4 Map Mesquite Creek Area. From the South end of Plowman Creek Park, along both side of FM 56 at the marked access points. Then along the lakeshore to the Morgan Lakeside Park boat ramp. Completely fenced and signed.
B5 Map Steele Creek Area. Along Steele Creek, east and west of FM 56. Is partially fenced. Very little access by vehicle. The area west of FM 56 is not clearly fenced or marked.
B6 Map Panther Scout Area. Along the west shore of the lake, just across FM 1713 from Cedron Creek Park. Is completely fenced and marked.
B7 Map Cedron Creek Area. From the south end of Cedron Creek Park, back to FM 56, along Cedron Creek to the boat ramp near the Canyons subdivision. This area is fenced and marked. The area also contains a section on the west side of FM 56 which is not completely fenced or signed.
B8 Map King Creek Area. Is a fairly narrow, steep strip along both sides of King Creek. Is partially fenced and is only accessible by boat.
B9 Map Rocky Creek Area. On BCR 1606, along both sides of Rocky Creek. Is only partially fenced.
H1 Map Chisolm Trail Area. From the southwest boundary of Chisolm Trail Park to the Hwy 174 bridge. Is clearly fenced and signed.
H10 Map From FM1244 near the Whitney St Park to the Towash Creek Bridge on Hwy 22. Area is completely fenced and marked.
H11 Map Lofer’s Bend Area. From the east boundary of Lofers Bend Park to the lakeshore at the end of HCR 2105. Area is completely fenced and signed.
H12 Map entrance on Hwy 22
H13 Map entrance on CR2109
H2 Map Hwy 174 Area. From the SE side of the Hwy 174 bridge along the east lake shore to the railroad bridge. Is clearly fenced and signed.
H3 Map Nolan River area. From the railroad bridge to the old Nolan River Park boat ramp. Is clearly fenced and signed.
H4 Map Blum Area. From the old Nolan River Park boat ramp, along the N/ NW shore of the Nolan River to Hwy 933 just outside Blum. Is completely fenced.
H5 Map Adair Springs Area. From Hwy 933 in Blum along the S/SE side of the Nolan River to the confluence of the Nolan River and the Brazos. Is partially fenced.
H6 Map Steiner Valley Area. From the end of H5 at the confluence of the Nolan river and Brazos, along the east shore of the lake, to the marked access point on HCR 1145 LP. Is clearly fenced and signed.
H7 Map Bear Creek Area. Adjacent to White Bluff Resort. Accessible by boat only. Is partially fenced and signed.
H8 Map Cedar Creek Area. On the N side of FM 2604 at the Cedar Creek Bridge. Is completely fenced and signed.
H9 Map McCown Valley Area. From south end of McCown Valley Park to the north side of Lake Whitney State Park on FM 1244 just outside the city of Whitney. Is completely fenced and signed.

Aquilla Lake Zones

Zone Map Description
A1 Map From HWY 22 on Aquilla and Little Aquilla Creeks south to CR 2415 S.
A2 Map From CR 2415 S, on Aquilla Creek, south to FM 1534.
A3 Map From FM 1534 south to the Old School Boat Ramp. NOTE: the small piece of Corps property north of FM1534 and west of CR 2128 is not a designated hunting area.
A4 Map From the Old School Boat Ramp south to the fenceline just north of the Aquilla Dam &/or the water line. NOTE: 1) Hunting is not permited from the Dam side of the channel. 2) The only approved pedestrian access to this area is from the Old School Boat Ramp.
A5 Map From the FM 1534 Access Area east along the shore to FM 1947, with access points at the ends of CR 2437 and FM 3440.
A6 Map From FM 1947 east to the fence line east of Jacks Branch, with access point at the end of CR 3428 and along CR 2431.
A7 Map From CR 2446 west to FM 1947.
A8 Map Corps property along Hackberry Creek from the Southwest side of Hillsborro south to CR 2446 and west to the boarder of A6. Accessible at four locations along CR 2452 N.